ITEC Group Australia provide a preventative and proactive approach at rectifying issues within the family structure.


How we help

ITEC Group Australia works in conjunction with the Torres Strait Island Safe House program to provide highly experienced intervention specialists that take into account the needs of the children, young person and their families.

We endeavour to provide supportive services to families by creating safe and healthy environments to mediate family issues.

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Intervention services include;
Assessments of the home and family circumstances.
Education such as parenting styles, communication, family practices.
Engagement strategies ensuring all parties are being listened to, mediated and supported.
Systemic reviews of family dynamics, progress, changes of circumstances.
Planning including risk minimalisation and management.
Connections to community support networks and resources.

Interventions relating to young people and families require specific strategies and skills in order to address the specific youth issues and complicated dynamics associated with families in crisis.

ITEC Group Australia acknowledge the particular needs of children and young people arising from their cultural and linguistic background, sexuality, gender diversity, disability, or as a result of domestic and family violence or other trauma.

Working around Australia

ITEC Group Australia work with individuals and communities Australia wide. We have offices in a number of locations, view our map to find out more

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We provide programs relating to health, disabilities, child safety, families. Programs coming soon include employment services, community housing and child care