ITEC Youth work closely with community organisations to support children, young people and families in foster and kinship programs.

How we help

ITEC Youth is dedicated to ensuring children and youth who have entered the statutory child protection service are placed within safe, culturally appropriate, foster and kinship programs. This enables them to stay within the community while facilitating reconciliation with their family.

Where possible, we aim to reunite children with their families as soon as possible. Carers assist this process through a commitment to maintain ongoing relationships between children and their families.

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ITEC Group Australia work in conjunction with the Torres Strait Island Safe House program to provide a range of different foster and kinship care. These include;

Short-term care providing day-to-day care to children and young people while Child Safety works towards reunifying the child with their family.
Long-term care offers children a safe and stable home (until they are 18 years of age) when it is deemed unsafe for them to return to their family home.
Respite care flexible options offered to foster and kinship carers to maintain a healthy life balance.
Emergency care provided at short notice for children or young people who urgently need a place to stay. Emergency carers have experience dealing with trauma and are often the first point of contact for children entering the system.
Intensive foster care provides carers with experiences supporting children with disabilities or special needs.

Working around Australia

ITEC Group Australia work with individuals and communities Australia wide. We have offices in a number of locations, view our map to find out more

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We provide programs and support relating to health, disabilities, youth, families, community development and housing.

We also specialise and pride ourselves in matching services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.