For over 25 years, The ITEC Group have been dedicated to providing support and resources to people within the community.

We believe in delivering high-quality services, aiding people in times of need and advocating for social inclusion. We provide programs relating to health, disabilities, youth, families, mental health and more. 

By working together with our partners, ITEC Group Australia has been able to successfully provide unique services through creating thoughtful planning for our clients, participants, their families and the community.

We provide age, gender, culturally specific and appropriate support services through a range of community services across Australia. 

ITEC Group Australia provide a wide range of community services in various sectors across Australia. We have branch offices, group activities, individual carers and safe homes across Australia.

Our Mission

We aim to build stronger communities through the services we provide in connection with local community and industry alike. Delivering services and support in some of the most remote locations in Australia, and often for our most vulnerable people, we are in the process of expanding and growing our footprint throughout Australia.

Working around Australia

The ITEC Group work with individuals and communities Australia wide. We have offices in a number of locations, view our map to find out more

Some of our key services include:

• Disability Services (NDIS)
• Child Safety Services – Residential Care (Safe Houses), Joint Support Program with Juvenile Justice
• Community Housing
• Childcare – coming soon
• Careers

Our Responsibility

We work closely with many government and non-government organisations throughout Australia.

We are devoted to providing service with respect, dignity and discretion. Our clients have the right and expectation of Privacy. These are of the utmost importance.

Get in touch for help

We provide programs and support relating to health, disabilities, youth, families, community development and housing.

We also specialise and pride ourselves in matching services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.